Fibersteel Boat Lifts, LLC. (FS)


FS FS warranties the cost of each part of the boat lift including wear items, to the Original Purchaser for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.

The warranty is to cover the cost of the part only, and is valid only if installed by FIBERSTEEL.

The owner will be responsible for the Service call charge and any  labor charges.  This warranty

shall become effective only upon proof of evidence of original ownership.

All warranty decisions are to be approved by an authorized FS representative . The obligation of FS under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any part, which is judged defective by FS.

In addition, FS will  not be liable for any inconvenience , loss of time, loss of income, or any other special consequential damages of any kind or nature including lifting a boat other than what the original use was set up for.

The purchaser is responsible for all transportation costs.

Improper use, Abnormal conditions, Acts of God or operating the lift contrary to the manufactures instructions are excluded from warranty claims.

This is the complete  FS  warranty.  FS or anyone in our behalf authorizes  no other warranties, either expressed or implied.


Warranty does not cover damage to Boats, Docks, Boat Covers or Accessories.

* For lifts installed by FS DEALERS outside the Lake of the Ozarks area, Please check with your local dealer for warranty coverage.

*All service calls will be charged a $95 Service Fee, AFTER one year from the installation date.



1 (866) 570-9707 for issues regarding service needed or warranty issues.

***  Regarding the Captain’s Choice Remote systems

ALL work and Warranties are covered and handled by:

Captains Choice Service Dept.

Please call them at: (573) 216-0630

Please note:

A  re-stocking fee of  20 % of order total, and the incurred Labor costs will be charged or retained for orders canceled or voided by purchaser  for ANY reason within 5(five) Days of  installation scheduled, according to the Installation crews current schedule* . These charges will also apply for canceled orders by purchaser and/or rejected orders by Fibersteel Management, due to unknown or un-revealed or false information supplied & prohibiting the successful installation and performance of merchandise.

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Register Your Warranty

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