FiberSteel Boat Lifts

Leading the industry with modern design and materials proven to be the best.

FiberSteel Boat Lifts

Leading the industry with modern design and materials proven to be the best.

Specializing In Boat Lifts For

Personal Watercrafts 


Pontoons & Tri-Toons

Why Choose FiberSteel?

Nobody beats our

Best Warranties

Fibersteel Boat Lifts stands behind our products with the best warranties in the industry to provide reassurance and peace of mind that you have invested in quality equipment.

Experience and Knowledge

With over 30 years experience in the Marine industry, Fibersteel has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your boat lift needs and requirements. 

Customer Service

We greatly appreciate the fact that our customers trust us, and have chosen Fibersteel for their boat lift needs, and always try to help our current and future customers with our knowledge and services.

Finding The Best Boat Lift For You

Finding the right boat lift for your needs can be tricky if you don’t know about boat lifts. Our team can help you find the right lift for your boats & personal watercrafts.

1. What is the BRAND of your boat?

Your boat manufacture is helpful for identifying 

2. What is the MODEL/STYLE of your boat?

Is It a

  • Open Bow ( Ski, Fishing, Jon-boats, Cat-hull, etc. )
  • Large Cruiser  (does it have a STEPPED HULL?)
  • Inboard/Outboard/ or an I/O {Inboard/Outboard} 
  • PONTOON boat  {2 pontoons} or Tri-TOON  Boat {3 pontoons} (and if ALL pontoons on boat are the Same DEPTH or  SHAPE ,  some have a center pontoon that is 1″ to 5″ deeper)

3. What is the LEGNTH of your boat?

(Do NOT include swim-platform UNLESS your boat will  be Backed-In’ into the slip, and then we will need the PROJECTION from the transom out to the end of your swim platform )

4. What are your boats FUEL & HOLDING TANKS sizes?

Measurements in gallons are preferred. 

This measurement helps determine that required weight limits for your boat lift.

5. What are the WIDTH & LENGTH of your dock SLIP?

We will need to know the WIDTH &  LENGTH of your dock slip that the lift will be getting installed into. The WIDTH measurement needs to be taken from the INSIDE of the slip, from steel frame on the DOCK frame on one side, to the steel frame on the other.