Here’s a little background info. that will explain why we build our lifts like we do

Some may ask:

Whats the difference between Lifts with ‘ROUND or TUBE’  shaped Tanks and A  FIBERSTEEL lift with  the black, Roto-Molded, Seamless (square or BOX style) Polyethylene Tanks ?

Good Question ! First…. an obvious thing you will notice is that Docks, Marinas, Floating Restaurants/Hotels, Gas Docks, etc. or any floating structure that STRENGTH and STABILITY will be a Major Important factor, ALL have the square box style flotation and Not the round  ‘tube style’ tanks under them.

“…. And WHY is That”,  you may ask !

Because round log style tanks don’t displace the weight loads or stresses nearly as good, and needs more structure to provide the strength needed, just to hold them in place!  Not to mention the Higher costs and they have to have metal in the water (that WILL Rust) and they need deeper water to operate! Some  sales people from these tube-style lift companies will try to ‘buffalo you’ with the claim that our lifts will not handle the rough water due to the square tanks and will act as a wall, and the waves will ‘crash into the tank’  and destroy the lift. That’s Horsehockey! and  Simply Not True !

….and again that’s why Docks, Marinas, Floating Restaurants/Hotels, Gas Docks, etc., or any floating structure that STRENGTH and STABILITY is an Important factor,  ALL have the ‘Box style’ or square tanks under them for the flotation and not the round tube style tanks under them.

…. and we have Better warranties and proven engineering design to back it up!

FIBERSTEEL BOAT LIFTS are Built with Our Original design and with over 25 years of Experience and Feature Innovations like no other.

That’s why they are FIBERSTEEL LIFTS!