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Forget  the  Old  Dock  Swim Ladders ….

Now there’s something Better!

The Most Easy and  Safe Way for swimmers of all ages to get

into the water ………. and back out !

with the  ‘Self Raising’


$ 1,295.00

“O  M  G …. You  will  LOVE  THESE !”

Docks, Sea Walls, House boats and More

         Easy  IN  !


Easy OUT  !

Keeping your Steps CLEAN and  Algae / Slime Free

to raise them back up, Pull the ‘Holding PIN’ out ,

take the few steps UP onto your Dock

and  UP  She  goes!


Here’s one of many Reviews from Happy Customers ….
“We couldn’t be more pleased with our Super Stairs. Our Contractor installed them this past Thursday. Our son used them yesterday and was quite happy with his experience. Thanks again. ”  LeeAnne , VA.

 NO  Lifting … it raises  itself  !

SAFER  for all to use,

and No more dangerous slippery steps

caused by ‘water scum build-up’ or Algae! 

EASY to Use  —  SAFE  —  STRONG

* Strong Heavy Duty Galvanized STEEL Construction … NONE  STRONGER !

* 27″ tall Hand Rails On Both sides for Safety

Just a few steps, to having Fun in the Water !

* Installs on most Any Dock, swim platform,  Sea walls, Floating Dock or Pier/Piling style Docks , etc..

– Measurement depth (straight down) from mounting bracket,

   to base of steps ….@ 54″

– Most OUTWARD Projection of steps,

     from the FACE of mounting   bracket …. @ 67″

    (when steps are in the DOWN position)

– Overall MAX. width of the frame …. @ 38″

– Each Step is 8″ deep, and the STEP RISE is 8″ ,

    (same as a normal set of steps would have in your house)

Installation Details:

—> (4)  Mounting bracket ‘bolt-slots’ are about 10″ apart

            on face of bracket


Please allow about 42″ wide of a ‘cut-out’,  if recessed in to Dock or decking

– Actual usable width of steps, ‘INSIDE’ the side-rails of frame …. 30″


5  Year Limited Warranty*


Get your Super Strong Floating Dock Steps

$ 1,295.00  

(Call for shipping costs if needed)

To ORDER, Please Call:
(573) 3 4 6 – 3 0 8 8

When Paying Order with Checks, Please mail to :

Floating Dock Steps
P.O.  Box 761

Lake Ozark , MO  65049

* * * 


To Pay with Venmo

Please use your Phone App. and use this address to make payment:


or click this link:


to pay with  PayPal,

Please go to PayPal and enter this address :

(Note :  a  $50  charge will apply on PayPal payments for each unit order)


*      *     *

Call Dean for discounts on Orders of 6 or more

or   DEALERSHIPS   available  in your Area !


Sample picture of the Floating Dock Steps installed IN a Boat slip

Please allow about a 40″ to 42″ WIDE spot to install in.

Many different ways and Places to mount them!




     customize your dock 

Here’s some FLOATING DOCK STEPS* Installed on a  Sea Wall


on a sea wall                                                                            on a pier style dock

these Steps are installed on the Back of a House Boat

Pier  style Dock     or    Sea Wall mounted

mounted to a floating DOCK…


Here is the Mounting bracket for the


Front View


(sample photo, shipping pallet may differ)

A set of  Steps, strapped to a pallet 

and Ready to ship to You!



To ORDER, Please Call:
(573) 3 4 6 – 3 0 8 8

When Paying Order with Checks, Please mail to :

Floating Dock Steps

P.O.  Box 761
Lake Ozark , MO 65049

pay with  Venmo  or  PayPal 

Terms:   (All orders are shipped out of this office address, Please allow 1 to 4 weeks for regular delivery *)

* * * * * *

Shipping costs are @ $450 +   to most areas in the U.S.A., Call us for the exact rate that may be needed to get them to you. 

We must also know if the ‘ship-to’ address is  RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL 

*** International Shipping:  at this time Shipping to Canada or Mexico and Beyond, can only be done by us shipping to a address near the US boarder,and the customer arranging pick-up from there,  To then transport across boarder.


* All steel is ‘Hot-Dipped’  Galvanized , inside and Out, and as good as possible making your Steps look good and last for years and years!


Galvanized parts will have variations in the finish color and texture. Every unit is individual and unique. Some parts will have a secondary protective coating of galvanizing where needed during the production and installation procedures for more protection and durability.

Some Surface dis-colorization is normal, but is not detrimental to the structure.

A can of  ‘Cold Galvanizing’  spray can be purchased at most hardware stores and applied if you desire.


* a 20% of total(s) Office and Restocking Fee applies for orders cancelled within 72 hours of shipping

Your DOCK STEPS can also be picked up

‘BY APPOINTMENT’ ,    Call me!

 at:   (573) 346-3088

** The Floating/Self raising ‘DOCK STEPS’ are sold and Distributed through ‘Floating Dock  Steps’ Co., a separate and unaffiliated company that’s NOT part of   FIBERSTEEL BOAT LIFTS, Inc.

This website is privately owned and operated.

September 2020
Enjoy the Water in 2020

You will LOVE the
Self-Raising DOCK STEPS
Easy-IN & Easy-OUT of
the water from your Dock or SeaWall.
NO More Hassels !
Made to be the STRONGEST on the market!
Galvanized Steel, Polyethylene encapsulated float,
7 steps to paradise!!

Factory Direct PRICE ! ... $1,295 *
$100 for installation on the Lake of the Ozarks

Call Dean
to Order or Info.!
(Deck Mount Style)
2 sizes to choose from

2' tall x 2' deep &
85" wide $1025 - -or-
44.25" wide for $749 -

(Fishing Rod Holders can be added as an option)

VERTICAL Dock Lockers
(Stand-Up Style as seen below)
2 sizes to choose from

2' deep x 4' wide x 6' Tall
2' deep x 3' wide x 7' Tall

EASY to Bolt down

& Delivery & Shipping
is NOW
Available Too !
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