Lift Features and Guides

Here are some of our special parts and features of our lifts

The FIBERSTEEL ‘HULL PROTECTORS’ mount on the arms of boatlifts to cover the main arm bolts

and steel parts of lift, to protect the hull of boats from getting damaged if the boat drifts over against the side of the slip where the boat lift steel parts.

Works Great on almost all brands, and no tools needed to install!

Call for details or send us pictures of your LIFT ARMS for installation instructions or advice.

Fiberglass Boat Dock Locker
Fiberglass Boat Dock Locker
Fiberglass Boat Dock Boxes and Lockers

Heavy Duty Axel and Bushings

Fiberglass Boat Dock Boxes

HDMW Poly Bushings for Smooth Long Lasting Performance

Polyethylene Roto Molded Box

Axel Bushings – Full Support Rail for Bunks

Polyethylene Molded Box

Front Axel for a 6,800lb. Lift

Fiberglass Seated Box

Bow  V-Brace

Fiberglass Boat Dock Locker

Extra Long and Strong Arms for ‘Back-In’ Docking

Fiberglass Boat Dock Locker

Clamp on style ‘Dock Bracket’

Fiberglass Locker

Boat Lift Dock Bracket Mounting Clamps

Polyethylene Molded Box

BACK-IN style docking for a 12,000lb. Offset Fibersteel Lift

Fiberglass Box

ARM of lift and Dock Bracket

Fiberglass Locker

16,000lb. Lift

Polyethylene Molded Box

16,000lb. Lift

Fibersteel Boat Guides

$200 each

Strong BUNK-BRACKET rail Supports that come in different heights

Rough Water/Lift Stops

Single Valve Manual Blower

Double Valve Manual Blower

Single V-Bunk Rail Parts

12″ Bunk Brackets

Tank Air Shut-Off Valve

Pontoon Bunk V-Bracket

Extra Tall Pontoon Bunk Bracket

Pontoon Bunk Flat Bracket

Bunk Bracket Bolt

4.5″ – 4″ – 3″ – 1″ x 5/8 Galv. Bolts

5/8″ Fender Washers

PWC Dock Bracket Stop

PWC Dock Bracket

CLAMP-ON style Dock Brackets

4″ – 3″ Tank Connectors/J-Brackets

Bushing Assembly

3/4″ Poly and Stainless Steel Bushing

6000lb. Shallow Water Lift

16,000lb. Lift

Dimensions of our custom Roto-molded Polyethylene tank sizes:

4800 lb. tanks – 73″ wide   X    93″  long    X   30″ tall

6800 lb. tanks – 73″ wide   X   124″  long   X   30″ tall

8000 lb. tanks – 84″ wide   X   124″ long   X   30″ tall