Dock Steps (self raising)

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Polyethylene Molded Box


Details:  -Currently SOLD OUT –  More coming in mid December 2021 

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Dock Steps




– Self-Raising


– Floats above water line … to keep Clean!


– Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel


– 5 Year Warranty

–  7 steps , Unit length is 7ft. long

–  vertical drop depth at mounting bracket       when in ‘Down’ position is 54″

–  36 ” wide ,  Needs a 40″ space to mount in

 *** For Shipping:

* The situation in the Business World today is pretty crazy, and some shipping companies are, lets say …. “less than Reliable” .

Pick-up and Delivery schedules change,

A Lot!

We suggest picking up the STEPS yourself or having someone reliable do it for you, or arranging a shipping company to pick it up and deliver it to you.  

Also You can try ….


Shipping details:

The STEPS and ALL Parts will be on a wooden crate that is ….

@ 4 ft  x  8 ft  x  @ 36 inch. tall (handrails)

* Weight on pallet:  @ 280 lbs.

* Weight NOT on pallet:  @ 220 lbs.




Easy-Steps Superstairs

5 year limited warranty*

To Order: 

Please call  (573) 346-3088

To pay with check:

Floating Dock Steps

P.O Box 761 Lake Ozark, MO 65049

Other payment methods:

Venmo: Brian-Miller-30964


(note there is a $50 charge for PayPal payments)

Terms: (All orders are shipped out of this office address, Please allow 1 to 4 weeks for regular delivery)

Shipping costs are $450+ to most areas in the United States. Call us for the exact rate that may be needed to get them to you. 

We will need to know if the address that we are shipping to is residential or commercial.

*** International Shipping: at this time shipping to Canada or Mexico and beyond, can only be done by us shipping to an address near the U.S. border, and the customer arranging a pick-up from there,  to then transport across the border.


*All steel is ‘hot-dipped’  galvanized, inside and out, and as good as possible making your steps look good and last for years and years!


Galvanized parts will have variations in the finish color and texture. Every unit is individual and unique. Some parts will have a secondary protective coating of galvanizing where needed during the production and installation procedures for more protection and durability.

Some surface discolorization is normal but is not detrimental to the structure.

A can of  ‘Cold Galvanizing’  spray can be purchased at most hardware stores and applied if you desire.

* a 20% of the total(s) office and restocking fee applies for orders canceled within 72 hours of shipping.

Dock steps can also be picked up

by appointment in Camdenton, MO      Please call  573-346-3088

** The Floating/Self-raising ‘DOCK STEPS’ are sold and Distributed through ‘Floating Dock  Steps’ Co., a separate and unaffiliated company that’s NOT part of FIBERSTEEL BOAT LIFTS, Inc.