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These Listings were Last Updated :    April 17 ,  2014

Please Call for USED LIFTS still available.

To offer the Best deals and Lowest pricing possible the following terms will apply:
** Credit Card Payments are subject to a  3 %  surcharge of  the total charged.
** Customizing of lift BUNKS, Axles, Blowers/ hoses, dock brackets, etc.  will be subject to additional charges.

Availability of Used lifts and Prices are subject to change, so please call ASAP

A kind word of Advice ….

GOOD Used lifts are in high demand, If you see one that will work  for you Call and reserve it Quick !

* Installation is Included within 40 miles of Camdenton on the Lake of the Ozarks.

NOTE: Most Used lifts come with a 30 Day Warranty, Please inquire on the lift you are interested in.
and …. Whenever Possible , Send us pictures of your Lifts, Docks & Slips, Boats.

The more info. we have, the Better we can serve You!
or  Call  Us  at:
(573) 3 6 5 – 5 7 7 5

USED LIFTS AVAILABLE for Installation Listed Below


1. FIBERSTEEL …. 10,000 lb. ….. $4,895

Poly tanks, Great Shape!

fits up to 12′ slips (can be re-sized for wider slips)




3. Hydro-hoist ……. 4000 lb. …… $2,200

set up for a 10′ or 12′ slip, V-bunks, blue fiberglass tanks

4. Econo-lift ….  20,000 lb. …. $ 8,900

set up for a 14′ wide slip, Poly tanks,

double blower unit


5.  Econo lift …. 4500 lb.   ….. $2400

V-bunks , Good Condition,  Polyethelyne  tank,  set up for a 10′ slip

Ready for install !


6. FIBERSTEEL ….   21,000 …  $ 12,000

* has Firstmate remotes

* built for a 14′  wide slip

* 56″ arms ,  straight pull-in docking (can be installed for back in if engines trimmed up)

* this is a Brokered Lift/ No factory warranty

sample photo of  this size lift


7.  Mozark boat lift …..   6000 lb.   …. $2,695

Combo  V-bunks    and   Pontoon bunks


8.  Econo-lift  ….  6500  …. $2,695

V-bunks  or toon bunks,  poly tank, Available  after May 10th


9.  FIBERSTEEL  ….. Dual PWC lift ….. $2,195

needs 10 ft. wide space to mount


10.     Galvalift ….. single PWC  …. $ 1,000
for most 2 seaters (@800 lbs. MAX)

11.  Galvalift – single PWC  …. $ 1,000

(same as above)
12.  Hydro-hoist ….  4000 lb.  …….. $2,200

blue fiberglass tanks,

front V bunk brace with rear v bunk rails,

about 10+ yrs.old


FREE     for the Taking

Come Get  IT!

Would be great for a shoreline Docking Station !

Hydro-hoist ‘ Permaport’   PWC



Please Call Us or Fill Out this Information Form and  SEND it  to us so we can Help get your Boat Lift  answers !

Contact our SALES Information Department by phone or email:

PHONE: (573) 365-5775

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Check out these NEW  items ……

April 2014
EASY Fix for Your BUNK rails !
If you have old worn out bunk rails
on your Boat Trailer or Boat-lift that needs new
life put back into them, then get our NEW

Polyethylene BUNK-CAPS that are very affordable and
SUPER EASY to install!
or We can do it for you!
2x4 .

And YES you can bring us your trailer and let us install them!

Turn your old torn carpeted bunks into New Great Looking POLY BUNKS that Last way, way, way longer
and about the same cost as putting Carpet on them
now you can have POLY-BUNKS that last and last and last.
Call Us Now !

DOCK LOCKERS Available !
Horizontal (Deck Mount Style)
2' Tall
2' Wide
78" Long

VERTICAL (Stand-Up Style)
2' Deep
4' Wide
73" Tall
Inside Shelves, Hooks,
8 Fishing Rod Rack

easy to install & Delivery is Available Too !
Knots Used in Boating
Boat Shows for 2014


O.K.!..back in the Water!
See whats SUPER HOT for
You will Love the
"Easy-Steps" Dock Stairs
that Now gives EVERYONE
EASY entry TO & FROM
the water from your Dock or SeaWall.
"Get Back to enjoying the Water like you used to"

Dock or Patio
Tiki Bar !
$2195 ! Lots of neat features...
8 ft. long, Hand Crafted, Steel Frame with
Custom ConcreteCountertops
Please Call for information

AND ....
Be the first to get your new AquaSkipper at Lake of the Ozarks !!!

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